About Us

Who is Lady Luck? We are a group of dedicated individuals creating greater queer community through fantastic events.

Rachel, Lady Luck’s Founder, created Lady Luck to offer opportunities for elegant, organized events for the queer women’s network and beyond.

Sharnae, Director of Marketing and President of Mouton Noir Entertainment, harnesses the power of the queer network to build partnerships and inspire sophisticated collaborations.

Moorea, Social Media Consultant, advises Lady Luck on its social networking and organizational partnerships.

Tucker, Art Director, creates striking visuals for Lady Luck and promotes brand awareness.

Madison, Marketing Coordinator, helps Lady Luck grow in Southern California and beyond.

Sydney, Event Consultant, ensures that events run smoothly for all participants.

Interested in an internship with Lady Luck? Put your skills to use for the queer community! Contact us to inquire further.