Femme-Femme Speed Dating

Frequently asked questions:

I don’t identify strictly as “femme,” can I come?
Yes. This event is for anyone who identifies as a bit feminine of center, or feels androgynous and prefers to date a bit more feminine.

I don’t know if I’m femme enough. I don’t want the women there to be disappointed.
Don’t worry, if you’d like to come, you are welcome.

What ages will be attending?
This will be an all-ages event. We know that women often like to meet women in their own age group, but because of the restriction to femme-femme, we are doing all ages at this event to ensure the maximum number of people you can meet.  In the future, we will hold more events that are age specific. Please note that at Lady Luck events, you can mark someone as either a friend or a date on your match card, so you can connect as friends as well as romantically.

More questions? Email us at info@ladyluckdating.com or read our frequently asked questions.