Lady Luck Speed Dating (May 11, 2015)

We asked women who have been to a Lady Luck event what they would tell a nervous newcomer. The following responses are unedited.

“First of all, everyone is nervous, so take a deep breath and realize everyone feels that way. I almost didn’t go because I was afraid. I got all ready and almost didn’t make it to the car, but I figured it’s time for me to try something new and I deserve this experience… and I am so glad I went! Next time, I will prepare a couple questions that I would like to know about people, like do they enjoy travelling what kind of travel, what kind of music do they like, what’s one of their favorite things to do on a day off, what are their favorite types of foods.

I would also be prepared for questions from others, like what are my passions, what do I do for work, as those were the most common questions I received.

I would also ask people what kind of movies they like because I really like movies, as well as books. I really enjoy theater, & I would ask if they enjoy theater.

These seem like simple questions and answers, but I did not consider these things before the event, & I felt a little unprepared because my natural likes and dislikes were overcome by some of my nervousness. Therefore, I didn’t feel totally prepared for this questions I was being asked.

Next time, I will be more relaxed, and if I had had this advice in advance, then I would have been more relaxed. It’s a lot of fun, I met a lot of really awesome friends, and even went on a really nice date.

Best of luck, relax and try to enjoy yourself — and one of the most important things — smile! Smile, because kindness is what we all really, I think, are looking for, and we all deserve, and when we’re nervous, we forget to smile.”


“If somebody told me she was nervous I would tell her there is no need to be because the organizers will greet you and make you feel welcome. Plus everybody I met was very friendly. It’s a great way to meet people because everybody is prepared to talk to everybody so there is no groups/cliques of people that are difficult to approach as it often is at meet ups/bars, and you actually get to talk to women in a very relaxed atmosphere.”


“Many people i met at the event told me that they were nervous but they said that it was not as nerve racking as expected and i feel as the event went on, people felt less and less nervous. Everyone was very nice and it made it really a pleasant event. So i would say, even if you’re nervous, it’s probably not going to be as nerve racking as you think it will be. Many people told me it was more fun than expected, and i felt the same.

Also, to be honest, i think it’s rather endearing when someone is nervous. i don’t think of it as a negative at all, and i think it’s kind of cute.”